Sharon Historical Society

Prose, Poetry, & Pictures from the Pandemic

The Sharon Historical Society is creating a new collection: "Prose, Poetry & Pictures from the Pandemic." Having found few sources of information on the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic and its impact on Sharon, we are compiling a record of experiences, thoughts, impressions and remembrances of local residents on the current Covid19 Pandemic.

The collection will be housed at the Sharon Historical Society's Museum at 16 High Street and offer firsthand accounts for future generations of life during lockdown.

Submission Guidelines

What kinds of things are you interested in collecting?

  • Written recollections: essays, journal entries, poems, letters, postcards

  • Visual art: photography, yard and window signs, snapshots, drawings, paintings or other creative endeavors

  • Ephemera: store signage, handmade masks or other improvised solutions, pictures of your Halloween candy-delivery system or your backyard school-pod-tent, vaccination pins or stickers, time capsules, etc. 

  • Multimedia: Video and audio recordings also welcome! Please consider using a file transfer service for larger digital files.


How will my submission be used?

As a reminder, by submitting a written, visual, or three-dimensional object, you are giving the Sharon Historical Society permission to use it in any or all of the following ways:

  • Reproduction in whole or in part for the purposes of marketing, digital or print publication, merchandising, or exhibit (digital or physical)

  • Accession into the Sharon Historical Society archives & collections, or deaccession at some future date if so determined by the Society archivist

  • Access to researchers using Sharon Historical Society collections in present or future

If you are unwilling to give your permission for all the above, please indicate what permissions you do give, in writing, when you submit your piece of history.
We ask that everyone fill out this form (link to download) to aid our archivist and the Pandemic Project Team.

Who is eligible to submit?

Anyone! Any person of any age from anywhere—we are interested in telling as wide a variety of stories as we can.

What if I only want to lend something?

Please make sure you indicate in writing that you would like your object returned to you at the end of the exhibit when you submit, and what you are willing to let the Society do with images or excerpts of your piece (marketing, display, archival records, reproduction for publication, etc.). You can indicate this on the form to include with your submission (download here).

How long are you collecting?

For inclusion in the initial launch of our physical and/or digital exhibit, please submit by the end of June, 2021. However, we will continue to accept submissions related to the pandemic for the foreseeable future.
For any other questions, please feel free to reach out to the Pandemic Project Team at or on our Facebook page, and we’re happy to help!

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Need some help getting started? Here are a few resources and ideas: